How are you building relationships with potential customers?

Have you ever thought about how you are building a relationship, not just with your current clients and customers, but also with your potential clients and customers?

It’s easy to get caught up in the latest marketing ‘tactics’ or the newly launched course promising ‘this is the one that will exponentially grow your business whilst you sleep’ but many are missing the point.

You need to be looking at how all these marketing pieces fit together.

And I don’t mean just literally thinking “well my Facebook ad will take them to my sale pages, and then they opt-in for my free gift and then go on my list”. I’m talking about what that experience looks like, how do they feel as they journey through your sales funnel?

Are you giving them what they want, when they want it?

One of the first exercises I do with all my new clients is an audit of what they are currently doing and it’s surprising how many have never recorded how much of each product or service they sell, or what the cost of a new lead is for them. But what is even more surprising is that they’ve never looked at the whole process as a continual journey, thinking about how they are creating consistency and growth as the customer experiences their business more and more.

customer journey (2)

Without consistency and bigger picture planning your potential customers become less and less likely to buy from you the longer they are on your list.

They don’t understand what you stand for or what you are selling to them. They opted in to receive a free download and then sat on your list for 3 weeks – and then intermittently receive emails about blogs posts and topics which may or may not be related to what they originally opt-ed in to learn about. Then you launch something and all of a sudden they get an email from you every second day – a launch about something that is only slightly related to what they opted-in for and isn’t really related to them. And eventually they either opt out or even worse – hang around deleting your emails without opening them.

You need to start looking at their journey. The journey of getting to know you, knowing what you do, and the value you provide – whilst ensuring it’s relevant to them.

So how do you do that? Well it doesn’t start with your free opt-in – also known as a lead magnet. This is the mistake most people make. It starts with your core offer. What are you offering and who is your ideal target market? Then you can create smaller offers and free content from there – making sure the topics covered are relevant to what you eventually want them to purchase. Once you have that established you need to make sure you have consistent messaging for them from the moment they see your ad or blog post and sign up for your lead magnet. Think about how you will build that relationship, what does what they have signed up to receive tell you about them, what they want, and what their biggest challenge is right now? How do you show them you can solve that problem? And how does that translate to what you will share with them on email? How will you show them the value in the things they could buy from you?

This relationship building is crucial and it’s where many business owners fail to spend enough time.

By I can assure you – that doing this process with the customer truly in mind as well as that end goal (the sale) – will make all the difference when it comes to selling to your list.


I’d love for you to leave a comment below and let me know whether you think this will change how you approach some of your marketing this year?

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